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Content Distribution

Distribution & Monetization of Music & Video Content across major Digital Streaming Platforms to Maximize Reach, along with Strategies to Optimize Monetization and Earnings.

Marketing & Promotion

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies utilizing Social Media, Influencers, PR, Playlists, and more to Engage Audiences and Promote Your Music to Fans and the Industry.

Data & Analytics

Leveraging Data and Analytics across DSPs and other sources to gain Actionable Insights that inform Strategy around content, Audience Growth, and Revenue Optimization.

Creative Services

End-to-End Creative and Technical Services including Recording, Production, Mixing, Mastering, Video Production, and more to craft professional Sound Recordings and Visual Content.

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Content Distribution
  • Digital Distribution to DSPs: Distributing music across major Digital Service Providers like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and others.

  • Sublicensing: Granting third-party companies permission to distribute or use music under specific terms.

  • Multi-Territory Administration: Managing distribution rights and royalties across different global territories.

  • Monetization: Turning music content into revenue through various channels.

  • DSP Monetization Strategy: Designing strategies to optimize earnings from streams and downloads across various DSP platforms.

  • Catalog Migration and Transfer Service: Moving music catalogs between platforms or services, ensuring data integrity and seamless transition.

Licensing and Monetization
  • Royalty Accounting: Tracking, calculating, and disbursing royalties earned from music usage.
  • Rights Management: Managing and protecting the intellectual property rights of music content.
  • Copyright Administration: Overseeing the registration and protection of copyrighted material.
  • Royalty Claiming: Ensuring proper compensation for the use of music content.
Marketing & Promotion
  • Marketing Strategy: Developing comprehensive plans to promote music content to its target audience.
  • Social Media Management: Overseeing social media presence to engage fans and promote music content.
  • Influencer Marketing: Collaborating with influencers to reach broader audiences.
  • Public Relations: Managing the public image and handling media relations.
  • YouTube Channel Management: Overseeing YouTube channels, enhancing viewership, and maximizing revenue.
  • DSP Playlist Promotion: Engaging with DSP curators and algorithms to secure track placements on influential playlists.
  • DSP Profile Management: Managing profiles on platforms like Spotify for Artists or Apple Music for Artists, ensuring they are up-to-date and making the best use of available promotional tools.
Audience Growth
  • Playlist Promotion: Securing placements on influential playlists to boost tracks’ visibility and streams.
  • Audience Analytics: Analyzing data to inform marketing and promotion strategies.
Data & Analytics
  • Sales Analytics: Tracking and analyzing sales data.
  • Music Analytics: Using data to gain insights into track performance, like play counts and listener demographics.
  • Audience Analytics: Understanding who the listeners are and their engagement patterns.
  • DSP Analytics: Providing insights based on data from Digital Service Providers to understand track performance, listener demographics, and engagement patterns on these platforms.
Content Enrichment
  • Mixing & Mastering: Enhancing the audio quality of tracks for optimal listening via Dolby ATMOS
  • Metadata Optimization: Ensuring track information is accurate and optimized for search and categorization on platforms.
Creative Services
  • Art Direction: Guiding the visual aesthetic of albums, promotional materials, videos, etc.
  • Video Production: Creating music videos and other visual content.
Training & Education
  • Artist Development Workshops: Offering programs that help hone the craft and navigate the industry.
  • Music Business Seminars: Providing education on the ins and outs of the music business.
Digital Platform Services
  • Website Design & Maintenance: Creating and updating artist / label websites.
  • Mobile App Development: Building Artist-Centric apps.
  • SEO for Musicians: Optimizing online content for better search engine results.
Alternative Revenue Streams
  • Sync Licensing: Licensing music for use in films, TV, commercials, and other media.
  • Podcast Music Licensing: Offering music for podcast episodes.
  • Ringtone Creation & Distribution: Turning tracks into ringtones for mobile devices.
  • DSP Exclusive Releases: Crafting strategies for exclusive song or album releases on specific DSPs as a way to boost visibility and potentially negotiate better terms or promotional support.
Fan Engagement
  • Fan Club Management & Monetization: Running exclusive clubs for music fans.
  • Direct-to-Fan Sales Platforms: Platforms where music content can be sold directly to fans.
  • Exclusive Content Creation: Producing special content available only to subscribers or special fans.
Collaboration & Networking
  • Songwriting Camps & Retreats: Organizing events for songwriters.
  • Feature & Collaboration Brokering: Facilitating collaborations between musicians
  • Producer Matchmaking: Connecting musicians with suitable music producers.
Recording Services
  • Studio Booking: Reserving studio time.
  • Session Musician Arrangement: Hiring musicians for specific recording sessions.
Financial Services
  • Financial Planning & Consultation: Offering financial guidance tailored for unique income streams.
  • Contract Review & Negotiation: Assisting in understanding and negotiating contractual agreements.
  • Intellectual Property Consultation: Advising on intellectual property matters.